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October 6th, 2015,

Track-and-Trace Solutions from Uhlmann Packaging Systems Address Expanding Global Drug Serialization Requirements

Uhlmann Packaging Systems LP offers a wide spectrum of Track-and-Trace solutions to help companies ensure compliance with today’s expanding global drug serialization requirements. Uhlmann’s Track-and-Trace solutions offer a platform and architecture covering the entire spectrum of specifications governing the pharmaceutical packaging process, and provide a serialization infrastructure that meets diverse market requirements. As the global footprint of the pharmaceutical industry continues to expand, the scale and scope of producing products and moving them through the supply chain network is becoming increasingly complex, necessitating solutions designed to meet a broad array of market requirements.

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November 18th, 2015,

Bilcare Research Hires Anna Frolova-Levi as Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Bilcare Research Inc. has hired Anna Frolova-Levi as Vice President of Sales & Marketing. In this role, Ms. Frolova-Levi will have responsibilities for developing and overseeing growth strategies for Bilcare in North America, leading a sales and marketing team and identifying and developing opportunities for new business and positive brand exposure.
Ms. Frolova-Levi comes to Bilcare with an impressive professional history spanning a variety of industries across a wide array of disciplines. Most recently she was senior director of product management and development for Tarkett, North America, a multinational manufacturer of flooring solutions. Prior to that, Ms. Frolova-Levi spent the bulk of her career at Mold-Rite Plastics / Weatherchem, a global manufacturer of injection-molded packaging components for food, personal care, pharmaceutical, OTC and other non-food markets.

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November 12th, 2015,

Pierre-Henri Bruchon Appointed Head of Pharma Division at Constantia Flexibles

The supervisory board of Constantia Flexibles Group has decided to appoint Pierre-Henri Bruchon (53) Head of the company’s Pharma division, effective January 1, 2016. As Executive Vice President (EVP) of Pharma, Bruchon will become a member of the Executive Committee of Constantia Flexibles, reporting to CEO Alexander Baumgartner. Bruchon, currently Senior Vice President Sales Pharma (SVP), will succeed Walter Ometto, who is stepping down from his position as Head of the Pharma division, as planned. He has held this role since June 2012.

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September 3th, 2015,

Bilcare Research AG., Names Kevin Stevens President & Managing Director

Bilcare Research AG has named packaging industry expert Kevin Stevens as its new President & Managing Director in the US. Mr. Stevens will lead the global company’s U.S. subsidiary from the affiliate headquarters in Delaware City, DE.
Most recently, Mr. Stevens served as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Mold-Rite Products, an injection molding company focused on plastic closures for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food industries.

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September 3th, 2015,

Uhlmann Introduces BLU 400 Blister Machine for Liquid Dose Products

Uhlmann Packaging Systems LP has introduced the BLU 400 Blister Machine, which is specifically designed for the secondary packaging of liquid dose products such as ampoules, syringes, vials, cartridges and bottles. The BLU 400 ensures safe and gentle product handling throughout the entire packaging process. Unrivaled safety functions protect against heat, breakage, or mix-ups for even the most susceptible products.

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August 19th, 2015,

Uhlmann USA to Ramp Up Machine Rebuilding Services at New Jersey Facility

Uhlmann Packaging Systems LP is intensifying its custom machine outfitting services at its Rebuild Packaging Systems Center in New Jersey. The heightened focus comes in the midst of an uptick in market demand for high-quality used machinery, which is seen by the pharmaceutical industry as a cost-effective means of addressing increased and/or changing customer demands and ever-evolving regulatory mandates.

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July 29th, 2015,

Bilcare Research to Exhibit a Streamlined Path to Optimum Product Packaging and an Eco-Friendly Blister Film At Pharma Expo

Bilcare Research Inc. will showcase a variety of packaging innovations at Pharma Expo, September 28-30 in Las Vegas. At the show, Bilcare will exhibit its new FastPack™ service, an expedient process for determining the optimum blister film barrier properties for the packaging of pharmaceutical products, and ECOmply®, an eco-friendly blister blending PVC film with a special additive that makes it biodegradable.

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July 28th, 2015,

Constantia Flexibles Develops Tamper-evident Opening System for Medical Devices

Constantia Flexibles has developed CONSTANTIA TEOS, a new tamper-evident opening system for packages containing medical devices. Developed in collaboration with customers, the system was originally designed for syringes housing tumor necrosis factor inhibitors, also called TNF Blockers. The key feature of Constantia TEOS is a tamper-evident peelable cover foil that is functionally destroyed during initial opening. As such, the cover foil provides reliable protection against the packaging’s illegal reuse.

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July 6th, 2015,

Constantia Flexibles Wins Alufoil Award from European Aluminium Foil Association

Constantia Flexibles received an award for one of its newest packaging solutions at the European Aluminium Foil Association’s prestigious Alufoil Trophy Awards. In the Technical Innovation category, which acknowledges mastery of alufoil technical and engineering practices in creating unique, groundbreaking packaging solutions, Constantia Flexibles received an award for its CONSTANTIA Perform sterilizable lidding foil. Originally designed to house a safety needle system, Constantia Perform can be laser marked and uses an abrasion-resistant overlacquer. The lidding foil allows for an easy and clean opening, can be sterilized with gamma radiation, provides optically perfect print layout including exact machine positioning, and offers high mechanical consistency against abrasion.

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June 11th, 2015,

Colbert Packaging Achieves G7 Master Qualification

Colbert Packaging Corporation, today announced that it has achieved the level of G7 Master in its manufacturing plants. G7 is an international standard for calibrating printing presses and proofing systems to a common visual neutral grayscale appearance. The G7 Master Qualification, which was awarded by Idealliance, signifies that Colbert Packaging possesses the knowledge and skills required to meet the G7 methodology in a graphic communications production environment.

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