Winners from previous compliance package of the year winners

1995 Package of the Year :   The Medistick, Merck & Company
First Runner-Up :   The Medicine-on-Time Prescription System, Medicine on Time
Second Runner-Up :   Program Once a Month, CIBA Geigy Corporation (Novartis Animal Health)
1996 Package of the Year :   Buspar Patient Starter Kit, Bristol-Myers Squibb
First Runner-Up :   Helidac Therapy Kit, Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals
Second Runner-Up :   Risperdal 7-Day Starter Pack, Janssen Pharmaceuticals
1997 Package of the Year :   Helidac Therapy Kit, Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals
First Runner-Up :   Searle’s 28-Day Tri-Norinyl, G.D. Searle Company
Second Runner-Up :   Serzone 28 Tab Patient Starter Card, Bristol-Myers Squibb
1998 Package of the Year :   Prempro/Premphase EZ Dial, Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories
First Runner-Up :   PREVPAC, Tap Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Second Runner-Up :   Servent Diskus, Glaxo Wellcome Inc.
1999 Package of the Year :   Evista Dispenser, Eli Lilly & Company
First Runner-Up :   Dynabac D5-Pak, Eli Lilly & Company (SANOFI-SYNTHELABO Inc. designed the package)
Second Runner-Up :   Tri-Levlen/Slidecase Dispenser, Wyeth Laboratories Inc. (Berlex)
2000 Package of the Year :   Dosepak, Westvaco Corporation
First Runner-Up :   Sarafem Starter Kit, Eli Lilly & Company
Second Runner-Up :   Gabitril 2-mg Four-week Titration Package, Abbott Laboratories
2001 Package of the Year :   SimpleJect, Amgen and Owen Mumford Inc.
First Runner-Up :   Lipitor Start Right Kit, Pfi zer Inc.
Second Runner-Up :   Plan B, Women’s Capital Corporation
2002 Package of the Year :   Lamictal, GlaxoSmithKline
First Runner-Up :   Fosamax, Merck & Company
Second Runner-Up :   Nexium, AstraZeneca
2003 Package of the Year :   Actonel, Procter & Gamble
First Runner-Up :   Emend, Merck & Company
Second Runner-Up :   NapraPac, TAP Pharmaceuticals
2004 Package of the Year :   Warfarin Track Pack, Taro Pharmaceuticals
First Runner-Up :   Namenda, Forest Pharmaceuticals
Second Runner-Up :   Imitrex 9 ct., GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals
2005 Package of the Year :   Med-Ic Digital Compliance Package, Information Mediary Corp.
First Runner-Up :   Seasonale by Barr Labs and PharmaDesign
Second Runner-Up :   Altace 10-mg Compliance Package, King Pharmaceuticals
Innovative Design :   Sharp’s Advantage Pak
2006 Package of the Year :   PocketPak by Burgopak and Structural Graphics
First Runner-Up :   Aranesp Prefi lled SureClick Autoinjector by Amgen
Second Runner-Up :   Clonidine Shellpak by UDL Laboratories
Innovative Design :   Cardinal Health’s Rx Barrier Plus
2007 Package of the Year :   Glipizide Key.In Package by Watson Laboratories
First Runner-Up :   Champix Starting Therapy by Pfizer
Second Runner-Up :   Effexor XR Flow Wrap Package by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Innovative Design :   NextBottle by One World Design & Manufacturing Group

Previous compliance package of the year winners